Our Classes

Over the past 25 years, PRESS has educated nearly 10,000 home buyers and sellers throughout the Puget Sound region and helped more than 500 clients buy and sell real estate. Founder Jim Stacey began offering several real estate courses at the University of Washington's Experimental College (UWEC) in the early 1980's. PRESS owner and experienced investor/landlord/consultant Brett Clifton now teaches the entire curriculum through the UWEC. Beginning Summer 2009, we’ve invited experienced landlord and investor Brian Harwood to co-teach the PRESS classes at Lake Washington Technical College in Kirkland, bringing to the Eastside audience the education and support that Seattle-area residents have enjoyed for so long. The courses listed below are taught at least every other month, and several are taught multiple times each month. Click on “Class Schedule” to see upcoming dates, times and locations.

We'll see you in class!

Stop Renting: Smart Home Buying    (3 Hours)
Discover the step-by-step essentials of the home buying process, including: assessing your affordability for purchase, navigating your mortgage options, identifying qualified agents, negotiation tips, recognizing inspection pitfalls, and much more. Learn how to capture the unique opportunities of our current marketplace for your most important purchase – your home!

Seattle Homes: Buying & Selling Around the Sound   (4 Hours)
Now in its 26th year, this is the most comprehensive course on buying and selling real estate for current and future owners. Join over 10,000 students who have learned how to make intelligent decisions concerning the largest investment in life – your home. We cover all the important topics, including mortgages, inspections, agents, contracts, and much, much more.

Condos & Townhomes: Buying & Selling in Our Current Marketplace    (4 Hours)
Today’s marketplace offers unique opportunities on condos and townhomes.  But buyers beware: there’s more to consider than what meets the eye.  In this class, we’ll compare condos, co-ops and townhomes, including their financial and legal differences.  Learn what to look for as a buyer, and what to prepare for as a seller.  Recommended Pre-Requisite: Seattle Homes: Buying & Selling Around the Sound

Fixers2Foreclosures: Investing in Real Estate    (5 Hours)
CARPE DIEM!  Our current marketplace offers unprecedented opportunities for investment buyers, but education is essential for a secure investment plan. Real estate continues to be a sound investment for long-term wealth and financial independence.  This class provides an overview of rentals, fixers, foreclosures, and other choices few have heard of.