Client Feedback

"The whole process couldn't have gone better. We had many challenges to overcome throughout the process concerning the construction and our agent and Brett were there for every step and always eager to help out. Overall, there are two incredible things about PRESS: (1) It s completely free to the home buyer, and (2) there are no catches and/or hidden fees, costs, etc. PRESS derives all of its income from splitting the commission with the agent you choose from their network. The agents in their network all have incredible credentials and are only let into the network after careful screening by PRESS (sometimes over multiple years). It only takes one meeting with Brett or attending his courses at the University of Washington Experimental College to realize that PRESS really was founded to help the average home buyer be as successful as possible during the home buying process. It has been around for many years and I hope will remain in existence for many years to come."—Scott and Erin (Belltown Purchase)

"Dear Jim and Brett, Hello! Tony and I have just had such a smooth experience in the purchase of our first home. We loved working with [our agent]."

"We thank you both for the integrity of your PRESS organization and the collective talents which it represents. You provide your clients a tremendous service by offering the wealth of your resource network in addition to your sage advice. We truly appreciate and enjoy working with you and your team."—Gloria and Tony (Lake Forest home purchase)

"Thanks so much for helping us make a sound investment and a positive life decision when we purchased this home. We just want you to know how much appreciated and benefited from PRESS."—Sally and Aaron (Fremont home purchase)

"Brett, I wanted to drop a line to thank you for all your help and guidance throughout my home buying experience. You have been a wealth of knowledge, and I appreciate you sharing your experiences and expertise through the PRESS services and your Experimental College classes. I am amazed and inspired by your hard work and real estate pursuits, as well as fantastic and entertaining ability to convey your deep knowledge in a classroom setting. In working with you and PRESS, I felt surrounded by a solid team of experts and felt confident going into the buying process knowing I was working with top-notch, trustful professionals. "

"I appreciate your time and energy, and patience throughout - what I've gained from your classes, discussions and emails have been invaluable to me. Thank you for being so thorough, responsive and enjoyable to work with. From the buy-vs-rent analysis (I appreciate your patience throughout my indecisive months to follow), to your assistance throughout the various steps in the home buying process, as well as attending my inspection, again thank you!"—Andrea (Capitol Hill Purchase)

"Brett, Thank you for coming to the inspection on Monday. We really appreciated the way you asked your questions to the inspector -- like, what his findings meant in terms of us living in the house. It really helped us understand the issues (not that there were many) by putting them in perspective."—Minoru & Lucretia (West Seattle home purchase)

"Dear Brett: Thank you so much again for all of your help with the purchase of our home. We couldn't have done it without you. Have a wonderful holiday!"—Gary and Jennifer (Bellevue home purchase)

Ian after taking the "Seattle Homes" class and reading Seattle Homes, Jim's book:

"Reading Jim's book was essential in not only learning the lay of the land, but getting comps, shopping around, and all in all I think we saved around $17,000 from his advice, and we also just have much clearer consciences about the whole home-buying process." I've found the right man in Brett to help me and I'm very grateful for the service! Brett, thanks again for your time and I'm really pleased with your thoughtful analysis and great explanation to us as inexperienced "investors." We both want to thank you for your time. As I mentioned to you, your assistance went further into our whole picture than I ever anticipated and I'm absolutely thrilled to be seeing a path to evaluate the overall situation and pull together multiple objectives.—Peter and Gray

"Throughout the process Brett was available to answer questions and offer an independent opinion. The real estate agent I selected through the PRESS group was extremely dedicated with over a decade of experience in buying and selling Seattle properties. They worked hard to sort through the overwhelming collection of properties and stuck with me to secure the house that was a perfect fit. The mortgage broker that I chose through PRESS systematically researched all mortgage options and worked with me to develop a very balanced financing solution. Overall the PRESS group was instrumental in helping me find and purchase a great home while avoiding expensive new home-buyer mistakes. If I ever need to jump into the market again I'll definitely be contacting Brett".—Anton (Lake Forest Park Purchase)